What is WorkSPACE?

Workspace is a provider of affordable, furnished office space in Farmington.

Where is WorkSPACE located?

212 West Columbia, Downtown Farmington.

Why should I use WorkSPACE?

We offer affordable office space rentals in Farmington with flexible leasing terms. Our pricing is extremely competitive, with the added bonus of our many services: Conference room, recurring cleaning services, copier, and a professional mailing address.

How can I get more information about space?

Please contact us at

How is the buildings set up?

It’s made up of private offices, open office areas, lounge/rec room, conference room, lobby/waiting area, outdoor courtyard and restroom facilities.

What kinds of offices are there?

We offer full-time private office space, part time open office space service.

Do I need to provide my own computer?

Yes, although we do provide full furnished office space, we don’t supply personal computers.

Does WorkSPACE provide broadband internet?

Yes, we offer High-speed internet.

How much do the WorkSPACE offices cost?

Although our spaces range in cost depending on the size of the space, we offer extremely competitive pricing, with our managed office space package starting at $250 a month and our open office package starting at just $150 per month.

Are utilities included in the monthly overall service plan?

Yes, we provide electricity, water, light, heat, and air conditioning, all of which are included in the overall monthly service plan.

What are the advantages of a shared office space?

Our tenants enjoy coming to work because they meet interesting people from different industries. Being part of our office communities creates opportunities through networking and can improve your business. By leaving the operation of your office to a staff of trained professionals, your company personnel can concentrate on managing and marketing your business, boosting productivity for your company while in a fun and friendly environment.

How private would an open office be?

Although you may have neighbors on either side, all of our tenants are respectful of one another’s space and privacy. In addition to open office space we have available, we also provide tenants with workspaces of custom sizes.

What do I do to make a private phone call?

We have private telephone booths for your use, if you require a more private setting to make a business call.

Will my clients be impressed?

Yes! WorkSPACE is committed to creating a professional, cost effective work environment.